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This is a pioneering platform dedicated to advancing knowledge by providing an open-access journal for researchers and academics worldwide: the EUROPEAN RESEARCH JOURNAL (ERJ). 

Our mission is to democratize access to high-quality research, ensuring that cutting-edge studies and significant academic contributions are freely available to everyone.

That is why we do not limit ourselves to research areas and disciplines. More and more current research is interdisciplinary. We assign each paper recognizably to the relevant scientific disciplines in its tags.

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Each submission undergoes a rigorous peer review by experts in the relevant field, ensuring the highest standards of academic integrity and quality.

We offer a streamlined submission process that allows researchers to submit their work.

We believe in removing barriers to academic publishing!

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We are committed to fostering a culture of open access, where knowledge is shared without financial constraints. 

All articles published here are available for free download.

By providing unrestricted access to research findings, we aim to support and inspire future academic work and innovations.

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Our journal is registered with an ISSN, making our publications easily discoverable through Google Scholar and other academic databases. 

This ensures that your research gains visibility and recognition within the academic community and beyond.

We operate non-profit, driven by our passion for knowledge dissemination.

Foto: Tim Alex
Foto: Tim Alex

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